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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seven Day Nightmare

Images of darkest theme,
Blackest pits and darkest minds,
Silent whispers, Silence screams,
Leaving logic far behind.

Atramentuos thoughts set free
Shadows binding prey, beware!
Shocking worries finding me 
With empty mind, there's space to spare.

Walking down a darkened road,
Demonic glances, gazes, glares,
On my back, a mighty load,
My demons hover close and scare!

And now my heart is heavy held
My head hung low beneath the shine
As all my terrors, fears, are weld
Into this Nightmare I call mine.

For seven days a restless sleep
Has plagued my intermittent soul;
For seven days I often weeped:
My sanity, a demons' goal.

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