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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Chosen

by LunaRS
Legends written, Legends told,
Tales of Ancient times unfold
Times of Prophecies are here,
 The Chosen, March on fast.

Through the ages history holds,
Speeding through the age of old,
Now our time has met its end,
You Chosen, march on fast.

Tyrant Demon, holding fast,
hold the sins you've gone and cast,
Waiting, first, for perfect time,
Our Chosen run up fast.

The brilliant light of Chosen sword,
The brilliant fight, from Chosen Lord,
And all is left to fight out here,
Our thanks to Chosen men.

The Tyrant Demon's throne is cast,
The time of Death has come and passed,
All that's left is a rugged sword,
A sign of Chosen warrior.

Legends written, Legends told,
Tales of Ancient people fold,
Now my stories tell the tale,
But still a mystery lingers...

Chaos in Death

Chaos part 1

Chains of Silver, gold and stone,
Written everlasting tomes,
Bring with him the lasting chains,
        And keep the Chaos Monster.

Roaring fits, indignant laughter,
Shaming faces, lolling after,
All these things will come to pass,
Because of Chaos Monster.

Chained to life with no control,
Kept by a boy, strong in soul,
“Neither chose this life to be,”
The thoughts of the Chaos Monster.

The keeper of the beastly one,
A boy of twelve, his life begun,
His choice was not to keep the beast,
For he would surely die.

The boy of tale, who keeps the beast,
Diseased in life, his life, the least,
And all shall come to pass in time,
Time is shortening fast.

Just five more years, the boy will live,
Before he dies, his life to give,
But then, great Chaos, rise and stand,
And finally you’ll be free.

Chaos part 2: the Wife of Death

Cringing not, at face of Death,
Craving sound of man’s last breath,
Given time has reached its end,
The wife of Death will come.

She owns the chains of silver and gold,
The only chains were made to hold
The mighty Beast’s regretting soul,
The soul of Beastly Chaos.

A lust for suffering she has,
Approving screaming voices past,
Until the night has run its course,
Prepare for Spiritual war.

No man craves the earthly death,
No man craves the final breath,
And, though their time has reached its end,
Their fates will come to pass.

Chaos part 3: Death and life

The Tyrant King, now rules the dead,
Controls the lives of faithless men,
Though first been born of righteous birth,
His life is nothing more.

The Tyrant Demon’s plans for ruin,
Cooked in a vat of hopeless dooming,
The forms of life he gave it then,
Became the Chaos Monster.

The Beastly thing, the servant of Death,
He serves the wife of dooming Death,
Regretting all his life has wrought,
He wants to live no more.

The Tyrant, soon, will rise from earth,
And his domain will come, rebirth,
And all the prophecies, in truth,
The coming of Death is here.

But then they came, the shining five,
The ones who came for us, survived,
They threw the Tyrant King off-throne,
Our lives are saved from Death.

They ripped the shackles off our wrists,
They fought the demons, fist to fist,
And sorrowed Chaos stepped up to this,
They granted his freedom there.

He blew away in grateful death,
His life, no longer need be depressed,
The boy who held the Chaos beast,
Fell into lasting sleep.

And so, this brings all things to mind,
If you so choose to live life blind,
For everything we do has meaning,
But all, on earth, leaves death.

Hoplite ranks

by LunaRS
Silver spear tips, Golden shields,
Swords in scabbards, soon to kill,
Cloaks of red among the ranks,
 The Hoplites stayed to fight.

Crested helmets set in gold,
Glinting in the sun; how bold,
Now the Persians come to war,
Will Hoplites win or lose?

Cuirass bronzed in honoring,
Hero's stories made to sing,
Honor comes to those who fight,
The Hoplites honor is great.

Persian warriors running 'round,
With Wicker baskets, they are bound,
The fear of death will clench them now,
The Persians lost the fight.

Silver spear tips lunging out,
Golden shields are bashing 'round
Swords in scabbards being pulled out,
The Spartans win, this time...