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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hoplite ranks

by LunaRS
Silver spear tips, Golden shields,
Swords in scabbards, soon to kill,
Cloaks of red among the ranks,
 The Hoplites stayed to fight.

Crested helmets set in gold,
Glinting in the sun; how bold,
Now the Persians come to war,
Will Hoplites win or lose?

Cuirass bronzed in honoring,
Hero's stories made to sing,
Honor comes to those who fight,
The Hoplites honor is great.

Persian warriors running 'round,
With Wicker baskets, they are bound,
The fear of death will clench them now,
The Persians lost the fight.

Silver spear tips lunging out,
Golden shields are bashing 'round
Swords in scabbards being pulled out,
The Spartans win, this time...    

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