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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Chosen

by LunaRS
Legends written, Legends told,
Tales of Ancient times unfold
Times of Prophecies are here,
 The Chosen, March on fast.

Through the ages history holds,
Speeding through the age of old,
Now our time has met its end,
You Chosen, march on fast.

Tyrant Demon, holding fast,
hold the sins you've gone and cast,
Waiting, first, for perfect time,
Our Chosen run up fast.

The brilliant light of Chosen sword,
The brilliant fight, from Chosen Lord,
And all is left to fight out here,
Our thanks to Chosen men.

The Tyrant Demon's throne is cast,
The time of Death has come and passed,
All that's left is a rugged sword,
A sign of Chosen warrior.

Legends written, Legends told,
Tales of Ancient people fold,
Now my stories tell the tale,
But still a mystery lingers...

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